Ranch House Line

Our highly marbled in-house graded beef, featuring:



Incredibly tender and high-quality, this grade has Choice USDA level marbling.

Cattle Baron

Prime USDA graded beef, this means richly marbled beef with exceptional taste.


A lean option, this grade trims the fat for marbling akin to Select USDA.


Organic Beef

Legacy’s USDA-Certified organic beef meets all organic standards outlined by the USDA. The cattle are fed 100% organic feed, grazing certified organic pasture, and are never given antibiotics.

Natural Beef

Legacy’s natural beef uses minimal processing and opts for doing things the old-fashioned way. That means no hormone implants, ever.

GrasS-Fed, Grain Finished

The cattle are grazed all their lives on grassland pasture, then finished for a brief period on grain. This process produces great tasting and flavorful beef.

Grass finished

The cattle are raised on grassland pasture throughout the entire process. Through & through.