Ranch House Line

Our highly marbled in-house graded beef, featuring:



Incredibly tender and high-quality, this grade has USDA Choice level marbling.

Cattle Baron

USDA Prime graded beef, yielding richly marbled beef with exceptional taste.


The leaner option, this grade trims the fat for marbling akin to USDA Select.


Organic Beef

Our USDA-Certified organic beef meets all organic standards outlined by the USDA. The cattle are fed 100% organic feed, grazing certified organic pasture, and are never given antibiotics.

Natural Beef

Minimally processed and opts for doing things the old-fashioned way. No hormone implants, ever.

GrasS-Fed, Grain-Finished

The cattle are grazed all their lives on grassland pasture, then finished for a brief period on grain. This process produces great tasting and lean beef.


The cattle are raised on grassland pasture throughout the entire process. Through & through.



Japanese breed of cattle known for its incredibly tender and marbled beef. This delight is often found on high-end restaurant menus.